5 Best Indian Artists of Post-Independence Era

Arts can never be separated from the history of a nation. Just like history, arts developed along with the nation. When the country gets its independence in 1947, modern art techniques and ideas are introduced. Influenced by Western styles with blend of Indian themes, post-independence era Indian artists are creating exceptional works that contributes and shows the post-colonial identity of the nation. In this article below, we share five inspiring Indian artists of post-independence era as taken from this Emami Chisel page about Indian artists.


Maqbool Fida Hussain

Indian artists

Born in Pandharpur on 1915 and died in London on 2011, M.F Hussain was one of Modern Indian painter. Starting his career from being a billboard painter in Mumbai, he managed his way to the internationally known artist when he attended Indore School of Art and Bombay Landmark Events in 1948. Since then, Hussain has presented his paintings during solo or collaborative exhibition to many parts of the world, such as in Zurich, Prague, Rome, London, and New York. He was also Pablo Picasso’s special invitee at Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1973. Mainly self-taught painter, he was highly inspired by classic Indian mythology and history as depicted in his works.

Jogen Chowdury

Indian artists

Born in Kotliparahon on 1939, Jogen Chowdury is considered as one of most prominent Indian painter in the 21st century. As both of his parents were artists, Chowdury gains interest in arts since young age. He attended Government College of Art & Craft in Kolkata and was awarded scholarship to study in France afterwards. His remarkable works of art have brought him to hold solo and collaborative exhibition throughout the world, such as Japan, Paris, Berlin, Singapore, New York, London, and Hong Kong. Jogen Chowdury’s works are widely influenced by combination of expressive distortion and expansive sensuality painted in unbroken line.

Satish Gujral


Born in Jhelum on 1925, Satish Gujral is post-independence era artist. In 1939, he started his career when he studied applied art in Mayo School of Arts located in Lahore before he joined in Sir JJ School of Art. Despite his recurring sickness, he managed to get a scholarship to Mexico City, where he worked as Diego Rivera’s apprentice. During his career, Satish Gujral has organized exhibition to Montreal, Berlin, New York City, and Tokyo.

Francis Newton Souza


Born in Saligao on 1924, F.N Souza is Indian most important artist who founded Progressive Artists’ Group of Bombay. His public collections can be seen internationally in several big cities in the world, such as Birmingham, London, Melbourne, Texas, and Hyogo Japan. His works are characterized by dynamic, humanistic, and overt sensuality that represent battleground of beauty and corruption in the real world.

K G Subramanyan


Born in Kerala on 1924, K.G Subramanyan is an inspiring Indian artist. He was awarded research fellowship to Slade School of Art in London. Since then, he has presented his works in various biennale throughout the world, such as in Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Oxford, and Meguro. His works are characterized with unique perspective and dimensions of modern art.

Glorious Tradition Of Art In India- Steps To Ages

Art Gallery in India is the place where one can find tradition to modernity, post modernity, from paintings to sculptures under a single roof. Since the ages of Vedas, the tradition of art has been proudly practiced in India. India is a country which is best known for its unity in the midst of huge diversity.

Emami Chisel Art

The word ‘Tradition’ clearly signifies the constant practices that survive through ages with all its dignity and repute. Folk is another name of Traditional painting.

There are various subjects which are portrayed in folk art, like the themes of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, and Bhagavat Geeta and purans.

Apart from depicting these epics of the folk paintings, it also illustrates concepts of day to day village life, nature, birds, animals, sun, moon, plants and trees. Generally, natural colors, stone colors, leaf colors are used either on canvas, paper, clothes, leaves, earthen pots or mud walls.

Emami Chisel Art

There are two folk, traditional or tribal arts are described. There are two types of folk arts, which are discussed here:


It is first introduced by a tribal group of Madhya Pradesh, naming The Gondi. It portrays the picture of flora and fauna. The unique quality of this art type is that it is a lively art with vigorous colors and dynamic art patterns. Mainly, colors of charcoal, leaves, colored soil and others natural colors are used in this art. These paintings are portrayed with multiple dots and lines.

Gond Art by ECA

Till this date, these pattern and style remains the same, only the color has changed. In present times, instead of using all those natural colors, acrylic paints are used. The most famous artist of Gond art, Jangarh Singh Shyam invigorated this art form in 1960.


It is also an example of an ancient, tribal art from the western coast of India in 2500 BC. It clearly depicts the life and living of common masses like their amusements, their activities, and their festivals.

Warli Art

In these paintings multiple triangles, squares, and circles are employed to generate numerous shapes. The entire collection of this type of paintings is practiced in a red ochre or a bold, dark background.

There are many folk arts in India among which two are mentioned here, which are completely tribal arts. The Art Exhibition in India as well as Art Gallery in India is the best place that possesses all those rare pieces of arts.

Sketch of Artists- Two Famous Artists of Emami Chisel Art Gallery

Emami Chisel Art is one of the shinning planets in the galaxy of arts and crafts. Since its foundation in 2008 untill now, it has spread its glorious presence among the remarkable art galleries in India. Art cannot be practiced or generated, art resides in the soul of an artist. There are many famous artists in ECA. Here, is an outline sketch about two of the famous artists of ECA.


Samindranath Mazumdar:

samindranth Majumdar, apart from being a renowned artist , he has also been awarded as ;the artist of the month’ from Emami chisel Art Gallery. This versatile man of art took his first breath in the year 1966. He has completed his academic education in visual arts from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. He is a man of creativity, and he has successfully practiced his works and enriched his knowledge of art through his profession as well as his passion. He served his duty as a lecturer at Indian College of Art and Draughtsmanship, Kolkata. He started his journey as a representative of significant artworks since 1989. He has taken part in various art exhibitions, solo shows, group shows and annual shows. In the year 2001-02, this talented man had been rewarded with Ebrahim Ajkli Enowment scholarship for his research work. He has won several other awards like Annual Award from Birla Academy of Art & Culture in 1995-2001, Annual Award from AIFACS in 2000.

Samindranath Mazumdar

During the last month, September he has been offered the title of ‘the artist of the month’ for his overwhelming, elegant paintings. There are several splendid paintings like ‘After they departed’, ‘Glass beads’, ‘Tune to nameless grains of sand’, and ‘Going Away’.

Amitava Dhar:

Amitava Dhar has been awarded ‘the artist of the month’ for the month of August by Emami Chisel Art Gallery. He is one of the famous artists in India. This accomplished man was born in 1957. He finished his education in the year 1980. He passed through a teachership course in 1982. The Government College of Arts and Crafts is the institution where his journey from a young man to be an artist had begun. He also has made his skillful presence in the various solo shows and duet shows along with a three person shows since 1980. There are several All India Art shows where he has participated, like Bhopal biennial in 1996, Emami Chisel Art in 2004- 2008, The Gallery, Cork street, London in 2006 & 2007, Tamarind Art Gallery, New York in 2006, and Chawla Art Gallery in New Delhi, in 2007.

Amitava Dhar

He mainly influences the contemporary art genre in his paintings. He is greatly touched by the post modernism concepts that is clearly portrayed in his artworks like ‘And The Red Chair’, ‘Metamorphosis II’, ‘Tsunami’, ‘Threatened Nest’, ‘ A bird came into my dream’ and others.

Versatility in Contemporary Art form

Contemporary Art is a genre of art which reflects post-modernistic concept in every artwork. It crosses all the conventional limitations and expands its horizon into eternity. There are various types of contemporary arts like paintings, sculptures, drawings, and installation, etc. The greatest form of contemporary art is that it is a kind of performance art. In present times, art lovers prefer to feel the essence of artworks rather than merely seen.

Some forms of Contemporary Art:

Fine art:

Fine art can be addressed as Visual Art, because Visual art is used in a broader sense which includes Fine Art and Contemporary Art. Fine art refers to the art form which is practiced for its aesthetic essence and its glorious beauty rather than its functional and appealing value. Root of fine art is not very deep. It mainly deals with a few art types like drawing, design based artworks, paintings, print makings and sculptures.

Fine Art

Often, Fine Art is compared with ‘Applied Art’ and ‘Crafts’ which are both considered as a utilitarian activity. There are several non-design based artworks which are regarded as Fine Art, including photography and architecture. Architecture can be classified as ‘Applied Art’ in true sense.

Applied Art:

Applied Art is the application of the artistic forms of the utopian objects. Applied art, not only vibrates aesthetic and intellectual stimulation of the viewer, but also it is ‘prettified’ and functionally decorated with sense of beauty and activity of mind. . Applied art can be categorized broadly under two heads; which are:

  • Standard Machine Made Products

  • Manually designed functional craft products

Applied Art

There are several art forms which belong to these categories; which are as follows:

  • fashion design

  • graphic art

  • Industrial design

  • interior design

Decorative Art:


Decorative Art is also used in a broader sense which includes crafts and applied arts.Decorative art is a conventional term for a rather unwieldy range of artistic zeal which is connected with the art forms and ornamentation of items that do not necessarily have any intrinsic aesthetic qualities.

Curtain Stores in Kolkata- Glimpse of Five Curtain Stores in Kolkata

Home decoration is an interesting and exciting activity for women. Home is the celestial nest and to decorate home, there is no need of any particular occasion or festival. In City of Joy, Kolkata, people believe in cherishing the ambience and pleasure of home after finishing a tight schedule. Thus, home furnishing fabrics like curtains, bed sheets, cushion covers play a significant role in their day to day life.

Curtains are the most essential commodities among the rest. It not only secures the privacy of your rooms, but also helps you to decorate your house in a glamorous and sophisticated way. There is a huge craze over various fashionable curtains. There are several curtain stores in Kolkata where you can get unique, fashionable curtains as per your choice. Here are some of the best ones:

Skipper Home Fashions

It is one of the most famous stores for home furnishing in Kolkata. Here, you can get various fashionable curtains whether it is window curtains door, long door or shower curtains. In Skipper Home Fashions, you can get unique designs and advanced quality within a pocket friendly budget. If you are planning to give a gorgeous appearance to your home, you can visit their curtain store in Kolkata.

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Wood Square Mall, Shop No.- GR 03 169, N.H. Bose Road Narendrapur Kolkata- 103

Website: www.skipperhomefashions.com

Janata Textiles

In this store, you get various curtains, along with other home furnishing materials.

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Fantasy Furnishing Pvt. Ltd

It is a renowned curtain store in Kolkata. Mr. Naresh Goel is the person who has devoted himself in this organization. It is a retail curtain store.

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Lifestyle Furnishing:

It was established in the year 2005, by Sunil Kumar Shah and Basant Kumar Shah. Although it is a home furnishing store, but here, you get limited stocks over the curtain. You can find unique collections of carpets, wall mats, rugs, etc.

Address: 1, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Entrance from Lord Sinha Road, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

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It is one of the more popular home furnishing store in Kolkata. Here you can get a wide collection of curtains, though the variations of designs can be limited. Nevertheless, it is the first preference of many home furnishing enthusiasts.

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Top Traditional Art You Must Explore in Art Galleries in India

India is recognized as the center of art and culture since Indus or Aryan civilization. The art and culture of the country has been persisting through the changing generation. In ancient time, art works were generally created on dyes and cloths. The colors were made of soil, mud, stones, leaves, charcoal, etc. Even today, these kinds of colors are used in various folk paintings. Folk art is the basic form of art in India and it is still popular in different corners of the country. Every art form is culturally distinct. Some art forms remain as a vintage art while some adapt new modernization or post modernity by a change in its color, materials or forms. Every art gallery in India is the shelter where these kinds of valuable specimens of art are preserved.

When we’re talking about traditional art forms, its worth discussing some unique and admirable forms of folk arts:

Madhubani Art:

Madhubani art is also recognized as Mithila Art. The art form originated in the kingdom of Janak, Sita’s father in the glorious epic, the Ramayana. It is a spiritual art form as well as it depicts flora and fauna. Invocation of Devi Janaki for the love and peace of Lord Narayana or Vishnu is reflected in this art form in various ways. This folk art is mainly practiced by women, whose soul have a passionate desire to unite with the God.

Emami Chisel Art

The British discovered this art form, after an earthquake in 1930, in which Madhubani Paintings were restored from some broken houses. William G. Archer commented that this art form reflected the work of Picasso and Miro. But now, in any art gallery of India, you can see this type of paintings.

Miniature Paintings:

This art form originated during the Mughal period, around the 16th century. Miniature painting is introduced by Persian art men. In India, it blossomed during the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan and Akbar. After the fall of the Mughal Empire, Rajput nourished this wonderful form of art. In present time, it is popularly practiced in Rajasthan.

Emami Chisel Art

These paintings are generally performed on the cloths with intricate details and acute expressions. Here, stone colors are usually used by the artists. Painters generally portray religious symbols, story from history and myths. The secular and unique quality of this art is that, here human figures are portrayed with large eyes, sharp nose, slim waist and men are presented with turban.


It originated at Chitoor in Andhra Pradesh and is now popularly practiced in Machilipatnam and Srikalahasti. The title of the art clearly describes its meaning that is ‘drawing with a pen’. This art form is mainly practiced in sarees and ethnic clothing. It also portrays the pictures of flora, fauna or epic like the Mahabharata or Ramayana.

Emami Chisel Art


It also originatedin Rajasthan. Phad depicts the folk deities Pabuji or Devnarayan. It shows a religious form of scroll painting. It is painted on the 30 or 15 feet-long canvas or cloth. Vegetable colors and a running narrative of the lives and heroic deeds of deities are some attractive features of these paintings.

Phad by Emami Chisel Art

Art lovers can satisfy their thirst by seeing these precious types of art forms in Art Gallery in India.


Best Contemporary Art galleries in India

According to Shashi Tharoor, “India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.” Art and architecture reside in the soul of the citizens of India. India is a breeding land of art, culture and any intellectual movement, since Indus civilization. There are innumerable art galleries in India, which reflect the elasticity of various art forms and cultural flow. Here, we are going to discuss about the Contemporary Art gallery in India.


Four Best Contemporary Art Galleries in India:

Delhi Art Gallery:

It is one of the most remarkable contemporary art galleries in India. It was established in 1993. It preserves very unique and secular artworks. It is a center which brings a variety of Indian Modern Art into limelight. Its target is to showcase exclusive collections of Modern, Post-Modern Arts. It perpetuates ancient paintings of British painters as well as present art men of the Bengal School of Art.


Address:  Delhi Art Gallery, 11, Hauz Khas Village, Deer Park, New Delhi, India
Contact No: + 91 11 4600 5300

Emami Chisel Art Gallery:

Emami Chisel Art gallery is one of the most popular destinations for art lovers of Kolkata. It has 15,000 square feet area for exhibition. There are various artworks like sculptures, paintings, photographs, drawings. These entire collections are either commissioned or devoted by the artists, private collectors, or curators, and art galleries. The gallery is known for its interior decoration like low lighting with pillars, podiums and elegant steel staircase for the second floor journey. It easily touches the chord of the human heart. Here, art lovers can enjoy the flavor of color with surrealist style. Emami Chisel Art has influenced an art revival in Kolkata at this modern, materialistic time.


Address: Emami Chisel, Emami Tower, 687, Anandapur, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Sector C, East Kolkata Township, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Contact No: +91 33 40113182


It started its journey in 2009. Tushar Jiwarajka is the owner of this art gallery. He brings versatility in the paintings. This art gallery exhibits artworks of various genres like bizarre, surreal, post-modern, modern, etc. It is home to a range of multimedia installations, exhibitions and events. Volte is renowned for its unique art collections. Owner’s combination of electric taste and international expertise has influenced to organize magnificent exhibitions and the introduction of new artists. There are famous local artists like Pandit Bhila Khairnar, Boshudhara Mukherjee as well as international artists like Belgium’s Wim Delvoye, South Afrca’s William Kentridge.


Address: 202 Sumer Kendra, Floor 2, Pandurang Buhadkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 018
Contact No: 022 4096 3300

Gallery G, Bangalore:

It is a young art gallery. It was founded by Gitanjali Maini in 2003. In this city of technology, it provides an ambience of bliss, solitude, happiness, charm and joy. Gallery G is an organization where every art expresses the spontaneity of powerful feelings behind every artwork. various exhibitions are organized in this gallery.


Address: Gallery-G, Maini Sadan, 38 Lavelle Rd, 7th Cross, Bangalore 560001.
Contact No: +91 80 22219275, +91 80 40957559