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How Gestational Diabetes Affect The Mother And Baby, During And After Pregnancy

Diabetes is one of the most common conditions these days, throughout the globe. In fact, type 2 diabetes is affecting at least one member in every family and needless to say, the diabetic clinic is blooming in every corner of the world. However, there is one type of diabetes people often remains unaware of, gestational diabetes. For those who are not very aware of it, gestational diabetes is a unique type of diabetes Mellitus which affect the pregnant women only during pregnancy, who had no previous history of the same.

How it affects the mother and baby during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, having diabetes uplifts the risks of many complications. Let’s start by discussing how it affects the mother. As per gynecologists, it makes the pregnancy quite risky. Moreover, diabetes interferes with the healing of the body. As a result, during the birth, having a C-section is quite risky as the mother bleeds quite a lot and afterward need much time to heal her surgical stitches.

Moreover, having a natural birth in such a case is quite challenging as well. The gestational debates cause the baby to have a rather large head fro a fetus. It happens due to fluid accumulation in the baby’s head inside the uterus. The having a large head can bring many another complication tot eh baby, including strained labor, which puts the health of a baby and mother, both, at risk, immensely.

How it affects the mother and baby after childbirth?

After childbirth, usually, diabetes resolves on its own. However, it makes the mother highly susceptible to have diabetes type in the future. Thus it is critical to keep an eye on the diabetes profile regularly at a diabetic clinic and all should be done to ensure it does not reach alarming levels.

As already explained, often the babies of such pregnancy are born with a rather large head and needless to say, it requires some mild medication to make sure. You need to have expert neonatologist review the same.

Even though there are many challenges associated with it, gestational diabetes is not deadly. With proper treatment, diet, and medicine, it can be managed well. But for the same, you need to have all your prenatal tests done on time.

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Childhood Obesity – Why It Is An Epidemic These Days

A child’s upbringing and lifestyle determine his adult life. A boy will not grow up to be an active and capable man if he lives a lavish and luxurious childhood with no hard work at all. Obesity is a major drawback of such a luxurious life. In the last 10 years, India has become the second highest country with obese children resulting in an increase in demand for obesity treatment. Weight loss clinics have evaluated that lifestyle is not the only reason for childhood obesity. Let’s take a look at why it is an epidemic these days.

Behavioral Factors:

  • One of the major reasons for weight gain is consuming food more than needed. In urban cities, it is common for parents providing to their children more than needed. Due to the abundance of food, they eat more than it’s required.
  • More TV and video games have become the motto of many children’s life. Physical activities, playing in the park with friends, have become a thing of the past. Excessive eating and no physical activity leads to obesity.

Social Factors:

  • The availability of junk food has increased a lot in the past ten years. Access to these junk foods has also become very easy for children. Eating in restaurants and ordering home delivery every weekend has become very common.

  • Compared to the previous generation, the number of working women has increased drastically. This has resulted in the fact that children don’t get home-cooked meals much. Their first choice has become junk foods. Not only women but parents, in general, has become busier. They don’t have much time to engage in physical activities with their children.

Genetic Factors:

  • Recent studies from several weight loss clinics have shown that if one of the parents is overweight, then their children have the tendency to be overweight.

  • When it comes to genetic factors, obesity does not depend on only parents but anyone in the family. Sometimes, if a child’s mother’s family or father’s family is overweight, they tend to become obese.

Psychological Factors:

  • In today’s competitive life stress exist in a child’s life too. Peer pressure, parents and family stress, leads to obesity too.

  • A lot of children like to overeat due to excess stress and anxiety or sometimes, even to deal with boredom.

If all these factors keep existing in a child’s life, that child would also grow up to be an obese individual. It is the parent’s job to control these factors and motivate them towards a healthier life ahead.

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4 Things To Check Out Before Buying Used Tires

Used tires or second-hand tires are not always useless and poor quality. Many people consider used tires for their vehicles as it is less expensive than new tires. Many manufacturers offer second-hand tires for sales at an affordable price, which comes with good quality. Use this opportunity to grab some good tires for your vehicles.

If you are considering buying used tires, you need to look into several factors as you are compromising with your safety. Here are a few things you must check before buying used tires-

1. Know The Age Of The Tire:

Before buying, must check the age of the tire. Look at the sidewalls, where the date is stamped. In the sidewall, you will see a code-named DOT (Department of Transportation). The code will be 4 digits longer than the others, those extra digits are the date of the tires. For instance, if a digit shows 2309, it means the 23rd week of 2009. Do not buy tires that are old for more than 5 years.

Untitled design(15)

2. Size Of The Tires:

Checking the size of the tire is very important for your vehicle. You must check your tires fit perfectly with your vehicle. If you want to replace one or two tires, make sure the used tires match with the original tires. Uneven tire can lose stability while driving and can cause an accident on the road.

Untitled design(16)

3. Tread Depth Of The Tires:

Make sure you measure the tread depth of the tire. You can do the test with a coin. Put the coin upside-down into the tires groves. If you can see the coin head, that means the tire is bald. You should reject the tire. Try to do this all of the four tires. If not possible, make sure the tires are on each axle have the same tread depth.

Untitled design(17)

4. Price Of The Tire:

Checking out the tires price is important. Tires age and depth will tell you how long the tire will last. See if you save money buying used tires compared to the new one. Make sure you ask your tires suppliers to send you the details of the product along with pictures. Check the condition of the tires if they are really good or not at one glance.

Untitled design(18)

Look into all the factors before buying one. Make sure you are provided with good tires, which are safe to use. A good tire supplier will always think of safety and quality first.


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Your Bulky Spouse Might Be Making You Bulky Too?

Marriage is a wonderful thing as having a spouse indeed improvise your life in many ways. However, in case you have been married for long, did you notice, how you and your spouse are having a somewhat similar body type? Obesity surgery doctors confirm that sharing food and lifestyle habits influence each other health in many ways. Body weight is one of them. Let’s understand how your bulky spouse might be making you bulky too.

Weight Loss Surgery


Living together influence your body weight in the following aspects.

Food Habits

Sharing kitchen and grocery ultimately end up to sharing plates. Thus it is inevitable for the spouse ends up picking each other’s eating habit. In case your partner is eating healthy chances are there you will eat healthily, and the vice versa. But falling for junk food is far more tempting than finding love for a green salad. Thereby gaining weight is more commonly seen than losing weight.

Lifestyle Habit

Just like food, the level of daily activities gets influence greatly too, while living under the same roof. people living together end up sharing lifestyle habits. If you are into exercise and yoga, your partner might be interested in it too. Sadly the vice versa is true as well. In fact, many a time it has been found that the lazy partner kind of discourage the active partner over a period of time, Not though verbal manner, but simply by being lazy and ignorant.

Psychological Factor

In case your partner is fat, you start to assume that its okay for you to be chubby as well. Being XL somewhat normalizes within the mind. Thus, as you are expanding into nest size clothes, you kind of start being okay with it. Over the course of years, it leads to obesity for both partners.

Thus as you can clearly see, the diet and health consciousness of a partner influences the other one significantly too. It is crucial to recognize when you are crossing the thin line of overweight and obesity. It is crucial for you to avail timely treatment for obesity. In fact, it is also a prime duty of partners to motivate towards a healthy lifestyle ahead. Sometimes it is also clever to consider weight loss surgery as it is the only permanent solution for severely obese individuals.

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Why the Beauty of Art beats the Technicality of Science

Which subject do you prefer, art or science? Beside the fact that science and technology has made our lives easier, most of you might choose art over science. It is not surprising since we can have a lot of fun with art and it adds meaning to life. If you are an art lover, then you must visit some famous art galleries in India. There you can find a wide variety of artworks, including paintings and sculptures, from various artists.

Art beats Science

Besides being fun and enjoyable, there are some more reasons why people love art more than anything.

  1. You Can Express Yourself

Art is a perfect place for those who want to express themselves. Through this subject, we can tell people about the our true self indirectly by creating some artistic works. It can be in the form of  painting, drawing, music, or dance. Just pick the art form you like so you can show your creativity.

  1. No Right or Wrong

In science, we must find a result of a problem with logic. That makes we cannot give any answers as we like. Otherwise, we might give false information to other people. In contrast, we do not have to do that in art. There is no right or wrong on this subject. This is the reason why we have so many genres in art. For example, when you visit famous art galleries in India, you will see all kinds of paintings like surrealism, expressionism, geometric, etc. What you only need to do in art is to put your love into your work.

  1. A Place to Channel Negative Moods

Most of us might agree that life can be so irritating. We have experienced things which are so stressful or even depressing. Instead of keeping it for yourself, try to discharge those negativities into art. It does not matter whether the result is good or not. After all, we have mentioned that there is no right or wrong in art. Hence, simply put your brush on a canvas, shape the clay with your hands.

  1. Life Is Boring without Art

Without a doubt, life will be so boring if there is no art. If art does not exist, we will not be able to express ourselves. We will not know how to channel our emotion. Consequently, we will be people who only keep doing same things over and over every single day. No art means no music to listen to or no paintings to admire. Nothing will entertain us anymore. All in all, life will be boring without art.

To conclude, art is a place where we can put our thought and emotion into one beautiful creation.

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How to tell if Online Art and Artifacts are Authentic

Some people love to collect art and artifacts from an art gallery in Kolkata. It indeed serves as great accessories for museum or simply as a personal collection. Speaking of artifacts, it is not only the authentic pieces which available, but, there are fake pieces spread everywhere in the marketplace. Fake artifacts can be so convincing which one cannot tell without further tests.


Lately, these are being sold on the internet as well. Though there are debates regarding its authenticity, several reliable and reputed art galleries in Kolkata do deliver genuine artifacts online.

But let’s first understand Artifacts. In the world of artifacts, there are three terms to understand:

Relic – referring to a true original object, the relic is artifact pieces which have survived from the time in the ancient. The piece is originally the objects altered or made by the ancient human in to support their daily lives.

Replica – replica is also known as a reproduction of the authentic relic which is carried out for open and specific purposes. Also named as duplicate, replica, or reproduction, this artifact piece is made if the authentic pieces are very rare and it is impossible for replacement. Replica items are allowed for public displayed in more than one location.

Fake – fake piece is a replica of genuine artifacts, which is made to deceive others to believe that the piece is an authentic one. To make fake artifacts, the process includes extensive aging techniques to make it looks life authentic and difficult to detect.

How to avoid getting fake artifacts?

Fake artifacts are everywhere in the market, let it be physical or digital. If you are into buying an artifact, there are some tricks to avoid purchasing fake items.

Ask for documentation – this is the basic trick. Make sure to always ask for provenance documentation before purchasing the artifact piece. This also prevents you from falling into a legal problem if the piece is, in fact, a stolen piece. As a new owner, you need to be able to prove the provenance documentation. Make sure that the documentation is also authentic and always double check.

Reputable dealers – famous auctions and dealers also get fooled in some cases, but they mostly deal with the authentic piece. Art gallery in Kolkata provides only the authentic artifact pieces only with legal documentation. If you do not have much knowledge about the field, it is best to avoid purchasing online as it can be a potential trouble. You can also ask for forensic test result if you are not sure whether the piece is authentic or not.

Thus, you can be assured that your purchase is legal and original.

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What is Photorealism and How It is Unique From the Others

It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How else the painters can paint something so beautiful, often, solely by relying on their imagination and viewpoint. Though every painting is beautiful in their own way, most of the paintings follow a unique style of their own. One of the most explored genre of painting is the photorealism.


Let’s see how it began and what specialty it has-

The Art of Photorealism

Photorealism is the art movement that began at the end of the 1960s and the early of the 1970s. The one who used this term for the first time is Louis K. Meisel. He had written several books related to this art genre.

At first, photorealism was started in America. But soon, it spread out to Europe, where a number of artists produced their works after getting inspired by this art form. Although they did follow the American style, they still included their own characteristic as well.

Photorealists create their work by mimicking a certain object. Unlike other artists from different genres, they will not leave any details of the object. Because of their discipline in working the art, the result of it is so fantastic because of how they look exactly like the original object. It seems so similar that we will think it is a photo instead of painting. That’s why it is called as photorealism, which is photographic-realism.

The early works which involved photorealism are Big Self-Portrait (Chuck Close), Study VI, New York Harbor (Richard Estes), Energy Apples (Audrey Flack), Rick Mount (Howard Kanovits), and so on. Until these days, there are still many artists using this style and have exhibited their works at various art fairs and exhibitions.

The beauty created on canvas by these painters is beyond realistic. In an instant it will make you fall for them. It is kind of becoming the latest trend among new art aspirants and art lovers.

As you can see, photorealism is totally different from every other art form. Photorealism  emphasizes details so it will look so real like a photo. You can see such artworks almost everywhere.

Hope this article will help you to understand photorealism art style a bit more. Don’t lose heart, if not, because you can always make trips to art fairs and art exhibition in India and discover them for yourself.

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Get Ready to Celebrate Holi on Canvas with These Magical Paintings

Holi is here and we all are excited about it. Initially, only powdered color, which we called ‘Gulaal’ were used, but with time these were mixed with water to play water holi, which surely is more fun. Undoubtedly, it has a unique connection to art if you look closely.

How? Similar to the art work, its presence and significance knows no geographical limitations, especially in recent times. In fact the festival of holi has found great significance in several artworks and can be found in art galleries in India.

Here are some of the paintings illustrating the colorful festival of India through the eyes of the painters

Code – FR 1566 (Bratin Khan)

This painting illustrates the legendary love and spiritual bond of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha shared. As per belief, he was dark himself and Radha was fair. So, one day lord Krishna was disappointed over the difference of complexion of his and Radha’s.

His mother Yashoda, playfully advocated him to color Radha in any shade he desires. Overwhelmed by this idea, he did so and thus began the journey of this festival of color.

Code – C 541 (Sukanta Das)

Till date, holi festivals of Vrindavan, Braj, Mathura and Barsana is famous in India and beyond. This festival represents the divine connection of love with the deities.

Code – EFR 1082 (Gouranga Beshai)
Code – C 849 (Prasenjit Sengupta)

As time ticks by, several things changes along with it in order to keep the pace. However, these two images show that the trend of holi remains a significant festival among us all. The two women in the painting are separated by different zones, let it be geographic, economic or social, and yet, both they connected though this invisible thread.

Code – C 998 (Dhananjay Mukherjee)

This painting entitled ‘Vandevta’ illustrates how magical and splendid nature and its elements are. Today, you can get a wide range of colors, both in terms of shades and quality. Synthetic colors have taken over the market, but immense thanks to the Mother Nature for providing the primary ingredients that initiated this epic celebration.

Code – C 1237 (Madhubanti Chatterjee)

Whether it is during Holi or not, you can explore the unique and awesome combination of colors in every element of nature. Let it be a butterfly or a flower, it is one of the best masterpieces, because the almighty himself has awarded these colors to them.

Step inside an art gallery in India to explore the canvas painted with flowers, landscapes and people, all together, kindling the bonfire of art and culture and its importance to people. You can find numerous paintings portrayed in different styles, but conveying the same message of love and peace. Needless to say, great minds, think alike.

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Significance of Art Galleries for Exploring Paintings

When it comes to the art galleries, they belong to the important aspects for most of the artists. In the popular art galleries, the artist can showcase their painting along with selling them. There are the other significances which are associated with art galleries.

art galleries

Importance of Art Galleries for the Artists

The first and foremost importance of a gallery is the fact that, it acts as a perfect platform to express their ideas. It is not important whether the collections are sold or not within the exhibition itself. Basically, when the artists collaborate with art galleries, all of their art manifestations can be collected under the similar rooms. The significance which can be gained regarding using the art gallery as a place for gaining ideas is the artist can express everything on their mind and have their own satisfaction.

The second importance of art galleries is a medium for increasing their ability. When it comes to the art galleries, especially the painting exhibition, they can learn the technique of the paintings which are produced by the other artists. Besides that, the artists who follow the art exhibition can also deliver the positive impact and motivations for the art enthusiasts as well. Though the art galleries, the artists can also transfer their knowledge and ability regarding the techniques of painting to the painting enthusiasts. It means that the artists also play important roles in expanding the painting art toward the visitors.

Another significance which can be associated with the popular art galleries is as a publication medium. Artists can publish and show their works by holding the exhibition in the art galleries. Showing their art works to the others is a peaceful satisfaction of the artists. Sometimes, it could not be compared with the money. Showing their works means that the artists are also conducting the personal branding which makes the artists more popular and having credibility.

The next importance regarding to the art galleries is art galleries can be used as the media or place for promoting your works. This can be work if you want to sell your painting to the others. Through the art galleries, the artist could also show their works as well as sell their painting works. When it comes to the art galleries, there are many visitor or painting enthusiasts which may be interested in the works. Therefore, following the painting exhibition and having art galleries can be the best way for selling the painting works.