Outline sketch of Contemporary Art – vivid vision of Contemporary art

India is a glorious shelter of art and culture. Indians are generally known as art lovers and they have a keen interest towards various art techniques, mediums and traditions. Contemporary Art is a kind of art that has become popular among contemporary art lovers. Contemporary means present times. Art is the magnificent brush to portray the picture of contemporary society as well as present individuals on the blank canvas. But Contemporary Art is not a piece of mere art that represents modern times.


Contemporary Art is developed from Post-Modern art which is itself the successor of Modern-Art. In this art, artistic soul is mixed up with the artistic zeal. Contemporary artists challenge the traditional form of art. In this technique, artists often use art as a weapon to generate a vibration against the contemporary follies of the world. Artists throw several questions to its audience regarding society, superstition, previous practices of art.

Contemporary Art is a form of art that evokes psychological participation of the audience rather than it defines the superficial significance of the portrait. In modern days, art represents global environment. Art is now for art’s sake, but it also depicts a deep insight into the society, culture and human life. This technique of art has become popular since the 20th century. Some artists are greatly influenced by this form of representation. Artists have distracted their attention from a traditional painting approach like painting of any human figure, depiction of any social events, etc. they from that period of time have paid their attention towards abstraction.


Art is just a visual form of poetry. Thus art is the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions and feelings. Artists introduced this new concept of art as “abstract expressionism”. It refers to such an ambience that is neither abstract nor expressive. In this art, artists emphasize on the making process of art rather than its final representation in canvas.

Artists of Contemporary Art refuse to accept the common concept of mainstream art and gladly perform the notion of ‘artistic pluralism’. They become greatly influenced by the various forms like performance art, pop art, conceptual art or minimalism. Thus, it has become troublesome to simplify the intricate meaning that is hidden behind a common form of contemporary art. Art is the manifestation of beauty. But in Contemporary Art beauty as well as hypocrisy or brutality of modern times after two great world wars are also explored. This art technique serves as a catalyst that leads its artists as well as its audiences to an open discussion or an intellectual argument about the contemporary incidents of the world.

Emami Chisel Art gallery in Kolkata is one of the most renowned gallery among the other Art Galleries in India. The people of the city of joy can enjoy the charm and essence of the contemporary art there.

Art Exhibition India – Fall in Love with Indian Art

Indian art is diverse, just like the various facets of India. The country is home to several cultures, race, ethnicity, each one different from another as well as unique in their own ways. No wonder the art and crafts coming from these diverse cultures are considered as true wonders of the world. Indian art is unique, as it is centered on the history, faith, beliefs and even dreams of the people who paint it. To fully understand the Indian artists’ paintings, you will have to see them and feel them, apart from having a general knowledge about their history and background.


Art and crafts have been popular for a long time. This is why every palace or castle you visit in India, you will find portraits of rulers, kings, queens, their sons and daughters and even sceneries. In the traditional artwork category, Hindu art, Silk paintings and Batik art are quite popular. Another famous artistic phase was during the Mughal era which can be seen across various palaces and castles. The next phase was the poetic painters such as Mukul Chandra Dey and Rabindranath Tagore who literally filled life in their paintings. These paintings are still famous across the globe and some of them are very expensive. For instance, famous Raja Ravi Varma created marvelous oil paintings to depict lifelike images of gods and goddesses and elaborated the Hindu culture as well as the Indian Tradition.

This was followed by contemporary art which can be seen across various art exhibitions in India and the world. These paintings are diverse, such as abstract, monochrome, theme-based and much more. Artists such as Bhupen Kakkar, Atul Dodiya, and M F Hussain are very popular names in the arts community.


Indian artists’ paintings are famous not only in India but all over the world. Their use of color, artistic view and creativity has charmed people for ages. If you visit to art galleries across the globe showcasing contemporary arts, you will surely find one or two paintings from India based painters.

Overcoming Bariatric Problems Through Effectual Treatments

There are many health clinics in Kolkata. Some offer solutions related to chest, some related to ENT, whereas several centres offer cosmetic care. When it comes to specialized health care clinics, a renowned centre for bariatric surgery in Kolkata is Digestive Surgery Clinic.


Digestive Surgery Clinic, founded by one of the leading gastroenterologist in Kolkata, Dr. Sarfaraz Baig, is a health centre that offers various treatments of the problems relating to the abdominal regions.

With that said, patients suffering from bariatric problems such as obesity, gallstones, liver problems, pancreatitis, hernia, colon cancer and haemorrhoids can opt for a treatment at the Digestive Surgery Clinic. On that note, here are some renowned services that you can undergo at the leading gastrointestinal clinic in Kolkata.

Hernia Surgery: If you have a protrusion in your abdominal region, undergoing a hernia surgery in Kolkata can help. A laparoscopic hernia operation allows you to fix the protrusion in a painless and least-invasive way.


Gallstones Surgery: Gallstones are common nowadays, but avoiding the symptoms can cause major threats to health. Overcome the stones through gallbladder surgery in Kolkata.


Obesity Surgery: Obesity is one of the leading health problems existing in our society. From children to adults, everybody is exposed to the risk of obesity. While many struggle to lose weight, you can get rid of obesity through bariatric surgery in Kolkata.


Anorectal Operation: Problems such as piles and anal fistula are categorized under this section. These problems are generally embarrassing for patients to discuss. But hiding only intensifies the suffering. Opt for anorectal surgery in Kolkata at the Digestive Surgery Clinic.


Pancreatic Surgery: Pancreatic problems like acute and chronic pancreatitis can cause threats to lifestyle. Dr. Sarfaraz Baig helps you cure the problem through an effectual treatment.


To sum it up, it’s time to get rid of all the digestive problems and say “Hello” to healthy lifestyle!

Weight Reduction Surgery Kolkata – Your Key To Health And Happiness

Obesity is a condition where patients have accumulated so much body fat that it might have negative effect on their health. Obesity can happen due to many reasons including excessive calorie consumption, sedentary lifestyle, not sleeping enough, smoking, etc. Obesity can also be hereditary.
According to WHO In 2014 more than 1.9 billion adults were considered to be overweight of these 600 million were obese. Various health risks are associated with Obesity such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis etc.


As a result curing obesity has become need of the hour. There are various ways to prevent and cure obesity. For prevention one can limit their food intake and do regular physical activities. Apart from natural therapies, an easier and faster alternative is weight reduction surgery in Kolkata.

Weight loss surgeries can be of various types. Some examples of weight loss surgery are – Restrictive surgeries-by shrinking the size of the stomach, Malabsorptive surgeries, gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band etc. In the past surgeries took a long time due to traditional procedures being applied on in operation theatre. However, with the advancement in surgical procedures the obesity surgery has become more effective. Laparoscopic obesity surgery Kolkata is one among them. It is another term for keyhole surgery.

Laparoscopic obesity surgery is gaining popularity over the other operative procedures.
The procedure includes creating a small pouch near the upper part of the stomach. Through these tiny holes, laparoscopic instruments are inserted inside the stomach, along with a tiny camera to capture the internal condition. The surgeon then operates via looking through an external monitor. A major advantage of this surgery is that it does not harm the immune system. Other advantages include reduced duration of post-operative care. The surgery also reduces the risk of complications.

There are various hospitals in Kolkata which provides permanent solution to obesity, with best qualified doctors and great infrastructures. Most of these best hospitals also have established weight loss clinics. As a result, patients from not only India but all over the globe come for Laparoscopic obesity surgery in Kolkata

Get Your Colon Treated With The Best Laparoscopic Surgery Kolkata

Colon diseases are on a rise. This rampant increase in colon cases over the past few decades can be attributed to unhealthy diet and lifestyle, overly sensitive colon, lack of proper care, sedentary lifestyle and many more. Few decades back, ‘open’ surgery was the only surgical procedure available for colon related surgeries. It is a traditional surgery with difficult and long recovery process. Open surgeries were highly invasive, long and required midline incisions. This also left undesired marks. A more advanced alternative of this ‘open’ procedure is Laparoscopic surgery in Kolkata.


During the late 1990s, minimally-invasive techniques were first introduced in India for treating colon diseases. The success of this technique has led most of the hospitals and healthcare centers to adopt this technique. Colorectal surgery in Kolkata is extremely famous for similar reasons. The hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. Doctors and surgeons are well qualified and experienced. Most of the top-notch doctors will have certification in one or more types of laparoscopic surgeries. Also, the staff and nurses are professionally trained for handling the latest laparoscopic equipment.

Laparoscopic surgery involves making three very small incisions on the patient’s body. Via these incisions, laparoscopic wires are inserted inside the surgical area. One of these wires consist a tiny video camera capturing the internals. The surgeon then conducts the surgery externally while watching through an external monitor. This surgical procedure is painless and leaves no scar. Also, postoperative pain is minimum, hospital stays are short and blood transfusion requirements are lesser.

Most of the hospitals in Kolkata provide these facilities at very affordable costs. Also, pre surgery and post-surgery care facilities are as par with international standards. Hospitals also provide rehabilitation centers in case of emergency or unique cases wherein complications arise or recovery time is longer. This is why patients from all over the nation and also from foreign lands come for colorectal surgery in Kolkata.

Life after Bariatric Surgery – Habits to avoid & Adopt

Many obese individuals settle on bariatric surgery in Kolkata consistently. An essential component that encompasses the viability of this body-changing operation is the life upon the surgery. A few propensities uphold you to recapture weight, while different habits permit you to benefit as much as possible from the surgery.


The explanations behind recapturing weight upon a bariatric surgery in Kolkata can be many. Out of the part, recorded here are the most well-known causes that triggers weight loss.

  • Overeating: Every weight reduction specialist expresses the way that the surgical method is only a device and not a complete end to obesity. If you neglect to take a recommended diet upon weight reduction surgery, obesity can come back to your life.


  • Sedentary Lifestyle: When you take after a stationary way of life as opposed to burning your calories, the surgery steadily gets to be ineffectual. Over the top dozing, maintaining a strategic distance from physical exercises and eating unpredictably are the essential components of sedentary lifestyle.


  • Consuming an excessive number of Calories: The advanced surgical medicines plan to trigger weight reduction through lesser, yet more nutritional, food consumption. In any case, few patients wind up devouring over the top calories in their eating routine; which expands their weight.


  • Slipping Back to Old Habits: Many patients gradually begin slipping back to old propensities following a year or two after a weight reduction surgery. As the outcome, the old propensities cause increment in weight.


Be that as it may, life doesn’t end here! There are a few systems that can help you keep focused after a bariatric surgery in Kolkata. Here are some successful tips that would help you to be fit after a bariatric surgery.

  • Realistic Goals: You should recollect that you can’t overcome obesity mysteriously in a week. It takes times to get in shape. Thus, you ought to set sensible objectives. Aim to lose a pound or two in a week.

Fat Fit diet fitness weight loss weigh scale

  • Healthy Eating Plan: An adhering to a good diet arrangement alludes to the dinners that can give all the crucial supplements to your body. Keep in mind, fats and calories are not by any means the only offenders!


  • Physical Activities: Yoga and heart stimulating exercise are some powerful alternatives that get you shape. Aside from this, playing recreations that includes moderate movement can enhance your shape.

Physical Activity Pyramid

On the off chance that you are searching for more tips on putting on wellness taking after a weight reduction surgery in Kolkata, please reach the confirmed specialists at Digestive Surgery Clinic. It is one of the famous facility for bariatric issues in Eastern India.

Choose the Best Obesity Treatment – Obesity Surgery Kolkata

Obese people are generally obsessed. Not because they are obese, but obsessed about getting rid of their fat! Over the past few decades, obesity has gripped the Indian subcontinent in a serious manner. Contributing factors are sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of fast foods and lack of exercise. While some people are able to take U-turn at the right moment, for others it is too late.


In this situation when a person is unable to run away from the problem of obesity by conventional methods, weight reduction surgery come as a big rescue. Obesity surgery has seen a steep increase majorly due to the ease of surgery, least invasive techniques and world-class before and after surgery care.

Obesity surgeries have been extremely effective in producing sustained and significant weight-loss. Also, obesity surgery Kolkata offers a lot of surgery options as per the individual requirements. Because of all these options available, it is very important to ask yourself that one important question,

Weight-loss surgery has been shown to be very effective at producing significant and sustained weight-loss. There are several different weight-loss operations that are currently available that can lead to this desired result. Because of this, one of the most frequent questions I get from patients considering weight-loss surgery is,

“How to decide which surgery procedure is the right option for me?”

The three major weight reduction surgeries done for obesity are gastric banding, sleeve gastrostomy and gastric bypass. All of the above surgeries will work best if;

  • A competent and experienced surgeon performs the surgery
  • The surgery is performed in a hospital with state-of-the art surgical facilities
  • The health center has a proper aftercare program focused on behavioral, exercise and dietary changes
  • Most importantly, the patient is willing to undergo the required lifestyle changes after the surgery

Most of the well-known weight reduction surgery Kolkata hospitals are equipped with the above described manpower and infrastructure which ensures that the decision making process for choosing the right hospital is easy and painless.